How to Add Liquidity

Learn how to earn yield by providing liquidity on eckoDEX

Getting Started with LP'ing

Adding liquidity on eckoDEX is exceedingly easy. Users who provide liquidity to eckoDEX enjoy the benefit of collecting a fee based on their relative position in the pool, the total fee is 0.25% of a swap.
For the purposes of this step-by-step process, we are utilizing our devnet
Step one is to navigate to the Liquidity section of eckoDEX, for single sided liquidity select tokens, for double-sided, select pools. From there ensure that you have eckoWALLET connected, and on the chain you wish to use.
For Double Sided LP'ing, select the pair you wish to provide liquidity to, and specify whether you want to receive rewards in the form of KDX from the eckoDEX Booster Program
Enter the amount of token 'A' that you wish to provide, note that token 'B' will automatically adjust to maintain a 50:50 ratio. Click 'Supply' and confirm the transaction in eckoWALLET
Finally, click confirm! Your transaction will be submitted from there. Do not refresh the page as it is processing.
To view your provided liquidity, and positions, navigate to the 'my liquidity' section of eckoDEX
This concludes the tutorial on double-sided liquidity provision for eckoDEX