A fork of kadenaswap (a Uniswap V2 port to pact), with support for global exchange fees (equivalent to Uniswap's _mintFee) and time-weighted average price oracle data, with support for tracking the TWAP of longer swap paths like [tokenA coin tokenB].

The code is in the kadenaswap/ directory and the following are the main files:

  • exchange.pact: The core of the exchange, represents all the pairs and includes code for adding and removing liquidity, swapping, oracles, and more.

  • tokens.pact: Simple module for keeping track of liquidity tokens across all pairs. Each token is identified by a key, and has a similar interface to fungible-v2 modules.

  • gas-station/gas-station.pact: Module for managing the gas station that is used with the exchange.

  • exchange.repl, oracle.repl and gas-station/gas-station.repl: Test files.

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