KDX is a means for eckoDEX supporters to play a central role in the DAO governance, which is designed to be totally community driven. The gas-free environment allows all users to participate in the DAO governance freely, breaking down the voting cost barrier present in all eckoDEX's competitors.

Being an eckoDAO contributor means being rewarded for your effort and participation based on KPIs assigned to you at the outset. This system will ensure dynamic voting architecture, as well as provide participants with different functions within the community. Members who meet certain requirements can be voted into more important roles.

eckoDAO is working on a governance support tool in the form of a social currency called “Vibedust”. Vibedust is a purely social currency and exists within Discord as a means to signal trust from contributors within the community. As users participate actively within the DAO they will naturally accrue “Vibes” from their peers, resulting in a discernible trust score that other users can reference when interacting with each other. This provides a few benefits.

The main benefit that a user's DAO participation and level are not tied exclusively to the amount of KDX voting power they have, and the second is that users can be recognised for the sum of their actions, not the size of their bags. “Vibedust” is not considered during the actual voting process, but instead should be taken as a way to identify good, and bad actors within a community. “Vibedust” works to ensure that all participants in eckoDAO, and overall ecosystem have a visible reputation and place within the community.


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