The world of DeFi has proven to be the first tangible and concrete blockchain use case. Various projects have developed a vast and innovative ecosystem of technologies that have quickly outpaced Traditional and Centralized Finance solutions (CeFi).

eckoDEX exists to deliver the true vision of decentralized finance by creating financial tools that are accessible to all and entirely decentralized. This means accessibility in cost and simplicity, decentralization of everything from the website and swap platform, to the innovations of the DAO, to creating sustainable liquidity mining programs. Achieving this vision goes well beyond the first version of eckoDEX as a gas-free DEX platform and is about positioning eckoDEX to scale toward future adoption and to provide tools and technologies that propel DeFi, as an ecosystem, forward.

Kadena, with its multi-chain framework paired with gas stations arms eckoDEX with the ability to create novel scaling technologies that provide fine grained liquidity provisioning and slippage controls that reduce risk and increase profitability for all users, all while maintaining fast and gas-free transactions. These technologies will be part of future iterations of eckoDEX.

Beyond the initial V1 of the swap platform, eckoDEX will be expanding the DeFi tool suite to include a professional trading platform, analytics tools, and a lending platform, all in the name of delivering tools to satisfy every need and to onboard both retail and institutional parties, on the most decentralized DeFi platform, built upon the only scalable PoW layer-1 blockchain, Kadena. These technologies will make Kadena the home of DeFi, and eckoDEX the leader of the space.

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