Solution: Long Term Scalability

One of the keys to solving the trilemma is in achieving long term scalability. Many projects proport scalability with their low transactional costs, only to see them rise with adoption. Kadena is the first and only PoW Layer-1 blockchain that has managed to permanently address scalability, accomplishing what all others (such as BTC and ETH) have failed to.

Kadena’s Layer-1 blockchain protocol, Chainweb, functions as a braided blockchain data structure, progressed via a parallelized consensus mechanism; a unique architecture that enables infinite scalability while preserving the power of PoW security without sacrificing decentralization. This framework minimizes the number of hops to get to the farthest chain (referred to as diameter) and the number of edges (the hashes that link the blocks from other chains – referred to as degree). This minimizes the network overhead required to maintain a completely linked structure of chains. In 2021, Kadena successfully expanded from 10 to 20 chains. This 20-chain configuration (as shown below) has degree 3 and diameter 3. Therefore, a wait time of only 3 blocks is required after a transaction confirmation before the whole network’s hash power is securing it. After 3 blocks, coins are considered fully confirmed and can be transferred from one chain to any other chain.

By leveraging this breakthrough technology and infrastructure, eckoDEX can truly satisfy any throughput demand, being the first infinitely scalable and secure DEX. eckoDEX will not face any risk of market congestion by users’ activity or volume and can instead focus on technologies that increase profitability to users.

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