Maximise your yield generating activities on Kadena's market leading decentralised trading platform.


It all starts with the wallet. We realize that true adoption will come only from pulling away the complexities of blockchain from the user and giving the user one deeply integrated and seamless experience. eckoWALLET was created to solve these problems in a highly scalable, multi-chain blockchain while giving the user a familiar Web2 experience and all the functionality they could ask for. Today it is the leading wallet of the Kadena ecosystem, tomorrow it is your portal to Banking 3.0.


Swap your tokens indefinitely and forget the extra costs associated with gas rates. The gas is paid for by our gas station!

Governance mining

Stake your KDX tokens on eckoDEX and gain voting power to participate in proposals. Participants earn 0.05% from all the swaps based on their locked amount, to incentivise long-term participation in the DAO.

Liquidity Mining Program

Experience the first auto-adjusting multiplier that reacts live to market conditions and maximize your returns by withdrawing your rewards in the form of KDX.

Single-sided Liquidity Provision

Want to provide liquidity, but only have one token of the pair? Don’t worry, in eckoDEX it is possible. Select the desired pool, choose the “single-sided” option, and enter the desired amount. We’ll take care of the rest.

Vaulting Program

The eckoDEX Vaulting program allowed eckoDEX Private Sale purchasers (accounting for circa. 162M KDX) to lock their tokens for set rewards in KDX and KDA proportional to their initial investment.
  • The program has been a huge success with 76M KDX locked for a minimum of 3 months!
  • The delta of 86M KDX was distributed at Mainnet launch on August 1st 2022.